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Who are the best dentists near me?

When looking for the best dentists near me, you must consider several crucial factors, such as their personality, educational background, certifications, affiliations, and patient reviews. If you’re in NYC, you can find the best dentists near your location in Studio Smiles NYC, one of the best and most accessible dental clinics in Midtown Manhattan, located on the 69th floor of the iconic Chrysler Building. We have the best dentists in New York, specializing in the latest and most advanced restorative, general, and cosmetic dentistry services. Whatever your dental concerns might be, they can address your unique needs and ensure optimal results with no pain or discomfort. The following is an introduction to our exceptionally talented and friendly dentists in Manhattan, NYC.

Dr. Nancy Nguyen

Dr. Nancy Nguyen is an exceptional dentist committed to providing the highest standards of dental care in NYC. She uses the latest dental technologies and equipment to ensure her patients receive the most comfortable and safest treatments. She also has a unique set of skills and aesthetic sensibilities that allow her to provide personalized results that address your specific needs. She combines artistic insight, science, and personal intuition to ensure her patients are in the best hands.   The following is an overview of Dr. Nguyen’s educational qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Maryland (College Park, MD)
  • Master of Biomedical Sciences, Barry University (Miami, FL)
  • Doctorate of Dental Medicine, NOVA Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
  • Chief Resident, General Practice Residency, Lutheran Medical Center (Brooklyn, NY)
  Dr. Nguyen is currently affiliated with the following organizations:
  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of General Dentistry
  • New York County Dental Society
  • New York State Dental Association
  • Second District Dental Society

Dr. Sarah Saunders 

Dr. Sarah Saunders favors conservative and minimally invasive dental treatments that provide massive improvements with minimal sessions. She specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry services to help you achieve and retain the perfect smile. She also believes each individual is unique and deserves uniquely curated dental treatments. As such, she carefully examines your dental anatomy and runs various diagnostic tests to provide the ideal dental treatments. Dr. Saunders also believes education is key, and she informs all her patients about the best dental practices for their individual dental needs.   The following is an overview of Dr. Saunders’ educational qualifications:
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine, University of Montreal (Montreal, QC)
  • General Practice Residency, Notre Dame Hospital of the University of Montreal (Montreal, QC)
  Dr. Saunders is currently affiliated with the following organizations:
  • American Dental Association
  • New York State Dental Association
  • Canadian Dental Association
  • Spears Study Club

Dr. Diala Gibson 

Dr. Diala Gibson is an Arizona native who prides herself on providing the most comfortable and customized dental treatments to her patients. She’s incredibly skilled and talented and believes in the power of cosmetic dentistry services to transform lives. She specializes in teeth whitening, teeth bonding, implants, wisdom teeth treatments, and more. Dr. Gibson is currently pursuing advanced training in implantology, surgical and prosthetic treatments at New York University.   The following is an overview of Dr. Gibson’s educational qualifications:
  • Bachelors of Science in Biological Science (Tempe, AZ)
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery, Meharry Medical College (Nashville, TN)
  • General Practice Residency, Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center (New York, NY)
  Dr. Gibson is currently affiliated with the following organizations:
  • American Dental Association
  • New York State Dental Association
  • National Dental Association

How do I prepare for dental work? 

The following are some useful tips on what you can do to prepare for dental work and procedures:
  • Prepare your dental and medical records for a new dentist, including recent x-rays and other diagnostic results.
  • Ask for a thorough dental evaluation and ask questions about the dental procedure.
  • Take all medications prescribed by the dentist.
  • If your dentist asks you to stop taking some medications before the procedure, follow that advice as well.
  • If requested, avoid eating for a few hours before the procedure.
  • Arrange for transportation back from the dental clinic because you might be under anesthesia.
  • Get to the dental clinic a little early to complete possible paperwork.
  • Postpone the appointment if you’re not feeling well.

What is the most effective means to prevent dental caries? 

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a dentist-recommended toothpaste.
  • Floss your teeth between meals.
  • Rinse your mouth with a fluoride-based antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Eat nutritious and balanced meals.
  • Ask your dentist if you can get dental sealants, i.e., a protective coating over the ridges of your molars.
  • Avoid sweets, candies, sodas, and other foods that increase your risk of bacterial decay.
  • Go for regular dental cleanings and exams.

How can I reduce my dental costs? 

The best way to reduce your dental costs is through active prevention and dental care. You must maintain optimal oral health by following oral hygiene and going for regular dental cleanings and exams. The cost of regular dental cleanings and exams is far lower than the cost of dental treatments. Furthermore, you can get insurance coverage for up to two dental cleanings and exams per year, but it saves you from dental treatments in the future. Most dental problems can be avoided if you go for regular cleanings, so it’s the best means of saving dental costs in the long run.  

Schedule an appointment for dental care near me today. 

Studio Smiles NYC has two state-of-the-art dental clinics in New York. Our first location is at 41 Park Ave, Suite 1C, and our other location is at 405 Lexington Ave, Suite 6900. You can schedule an appointment online at the dental care center closest to your location.

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