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How many times have you looked for an emergency dentist, or a walk in dentist near you, only to fail? It is very true that more than half the times, dental emergencies pop up as emergencies. And in those moments of desperation, you can hardly have time to make an appointment. For troubles like these, you need to look no further than the best emergency dental clinic NYC has to offer; Studio Smiles NYC!

The National Institutes of Health works closely with the American Dental Association in finding new and efficient solutions to dental problems every day. It is both of these organizations’ aim to find easy and approachable methods for dental patients to find treatment with the least amount of waiting times involved. Helping these organizations in their cause, it is a proud moment for us that, in fact, Studio Smiles NYC is a dentist open right now!

Emergency Tooth Extraction Near Me

Out of all the dental treatments that are performed by dentists all across the world, tooth extractions are perhaps the most common procedure that requires emergency treatment at times. These are closely followed by providing pain relief for aching gums.

With Studio Smiles NYC’s dentist office open today, all you need to do is walk in, fill a form, and be ready to be seen by a qualified dentist in a room dedicated to emergencies. That way, even if we have a patient already under treatment, we still have a room available to cater to an emergency.

For tooth extractions, our procedures are simple, efficient, and working! Our dentists and their support staff are backed up by years of experience when it comes to emergency tooth extractions, and although it is always our primary objective to save any teeth, we also know when it is the best moment to get it out finally. At Studio Smiles NYC, it will barely take 30 minutes from the moment you walk in with an emergency till you are walking out, smiling, with a nice small cushion in place of your extracted tooth and a pain-free experience!

What makes a walk in dentist special?

When you are talking about the best emergency dental clinic NYC has to offer; it needs to have certain prerequisites, all of which check at Studio Smiles NYC. Our dental office, for starters, provides an ambiance like no other. We strongly like to believe in making a statement with our first impression, and we have had satisfied patients right from the start. 

Usually, incidents qualify as dental emergencies that cannot be handled by the patient and need immediate medical attention, otherwise running the risk of extreme pains or discomfort. For dental emergencies, these usually involve problems with toothache or jaws.  

Any emergency dentist needs to make sure that all the facilities to be available, or that might come in use are up, running, and in perfect condition. The best of walk in dentists perform periodic checks and inspections on the equipment in their emergency rooms. At Studio Smiles NYC, we go through a rigorous routine of making sure that everything in our emergency rooms is top-notch and functioning perfectly. 

With meticulous plans laid out, we also ensure that our emergency dentists are the best of the best. Not only are they accredited by all dental bodies and associations that permit them to work to the best of their abilities, but their qualifications and experience also give them an edge over everyone else.

What qualifies as a dental emergency?

It can get pretty confusing at times because certain dental pains or problems can only be temporary, where even the dentist has limited options. It is therefore quite important to know what qualifies as a dental emergency so as not to fill an emergency room unnecessarily while another deserving patient has to wait it out.

Dental emergency services are not just limited to toothaches, as mentioned earlier. At Studio Smiles NYC, we take in all kinds of cases that include problems with jaw locking too. It is one of the most common cases we receive.  

Certain cares may have to be taken in particular emergencies. For instance, in case of a knocked out or loose tooth that has fallen out, it is important to rinse it with clean water. However, it should not be scrubbed hard to remove any fragments of tissue latching on to it. If it is still in your mouth, try holding it in place with your tongue above it, and seek an emergency dentist immediately. 

Broken jaws should first be treated with a cold press or an ice pack, while the assistance of a walk in dentist is sought. Usually, a simple web search with the keywords emergency dental clinic near me is enough to find tens of locations that can help you out. Similarly, a bitten lip or tongue should also be cleaned while you try and contact emergency dental care so as not to infect it. 


How does emergency dentistry work?

Emergency services in the dental world have a very clear and thorough procedure, which is very simple to follow. If you are sure that the problem you are dealing with is an emergency, all you need to do is immediately rush to the nearest walk in dentist. You will immediately be ushered into an emergency clinic with all the facilities available to take care of you. While an assistant takes down your medical history, the dentist asks you a couple of questions to gauge the depth of the problem. Right after the dentist has figured out the best way to deal with it, your procedure begins.

How can we find the best dental care?

If you are in or around the NYC area, you need to look no further than Studio Smiles NYC. With our state of the art equipment and highly qualified dentists, we have the best facilities to cater to all kinds of your dental needs as well as emergency walk-ins.


A dental emergency can befall anyone at any time, which is why emergency dentists exist. To cater to the emergency dental care problems of the everyday New Yorker, Studio Smiles NYC has it all under control. We have the best dentists, backed up by years of professional experience and relevant accreditations taking care of your emergencies 24/7. Be it a toothache that will not go away, or a broken or locked jaw that won’t move, we have it all under control.

Of course, it is very important for one to realize whether their trip to the walk in dentist really has strong reasons, or is it just taking up space for someone in an actual emergency, which is highly unethical. It is therefore advised to look up the kinds of dental emergencies that are treated by walk in dentists. If you have a broken jaw, a cut lip or tongue, you may just as well contact emergency dental care. Furthermore, if you have a loose tooth that has or is about to fall out, it qualifies as a dental emergency too. All you need to do is follow a few precautions to keep your fallen-out tooth in a clean condition so as it is easier and safe for the dentist to install it back in, if still possible.

Lastly, any toothache or problem that seems to be out of control and is causing discomfort and pain beyond what you can bear, feel free to get in touch with Studio Smiles NYC, where we will have it all under control in no time!

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