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Dental Cleanings NYC | Teeth Cleaning New York | Complete Dental Cleaning Guide

Having a good look is all about self-maintenance and one of the most important parts of keeping yourself clean is dental cleaning. Brushing your teeth daily and flossing regularly helps you maintain good dental health.

However, it is still possible for plaque and tartar to build up on your teeth over time and when it does, you are in for a professional dental cleaning. This helps you stay safe from potential disease development and prevent tooth decay that can occur due to gum disease and other issues. Visiting a dentist’s office is therefore essential for maintaining good dental health and in this article, we will be talking about everything that you need to know about dental teeth cleaning.

Do People Fear Going for Dental Teeth Cleanings?

Believe it or not, but there is a large segment of people who put their oral health on the line simply because they are afraid of going to a dental hygienist. Part of it has to do with the invasive nature of the treatment and the strange noises you hear during a dental cleaning session. However, this is mostly due to a lack of knowledge about the procedure and its importance. Knowing the benefits that you can get from visiting a professional teeth cleaning clinic can easily show you how the benefits outweigh the concerns significantly. We will start off by revealing the simple fact that teeth cleaning is actually a simple and painless procedure.

When Do You Need Teeth Cleaning?

This mostly depends on each individual’s oral health and how regular they are in brushing and flossing their teeth. However, for most people, the time recommended by dentists to go for a professional dental cleaning session is six months. The purpose of this visit is not only to clean any plaque and residue formation that your brush and floss cannot take out but also to examine your overall dental health. This is especially true for people who do not get routine dental teeth cleaning on their own and tend to have poor oral hygiene. A dentist can examine your teeth and gums closely and find out if you are at risk of developing any gum disease like gingivitis or periodontal disease. Ultimately, we think that the best recommendation you can get is from your own dentist, who can advise you according to your specific oral health condition. The residents of New York can go to Studio Smiles for the best possible treatment and consultation, thanks to their comprehensive suite of services.

What Steps Are Involved in a Dental Cleaning Procedure?

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people avoid getting regular dental care from a professional simply because of their fear of the unknown. We are sharing all the steps that you can expect to go through during your teeth cleaning visit.
  1. Physical Exam

Just like any other medical procedure, a good dental treatment also starts with a thorough dental exam. The physical exam you go through is performed by a dental hygienist who notes down all the areas that need work and also how much of a deep cleaning you need. A detailed probe typically involves sticking a mirror inside your mouth to look at your inner teeth and check plaque and tartar buildup and if there is any potential for gum disease growth.
  1. Removing Plaque and Tartar

The mirror will come and go in your mouth in this stage as well as the dentist uses it to look at hard-to-reach areas. Dental hygienists are highly trained in assisting dentists with this process, as they use a high-powered scaler to clean plaque and tartar. This is also the part where you hear all the grinding noise as the tool scrapes off the buildup around your teeth. The more buildup you have on your teeth, the more time this process can take. This is the part that scares most people and once you go through it, you immediately learn to brush and floss your teeth regularly.
  1. Scrubbing with Gritty Toothpaste

Not all the plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth can be cleaned using the scaler and this is where the gritty toothpaste comes into action. The dental hygienists apply this toothpaste onto a powerful toothbrush which deep cleans all the remaining deposits of plaque and tartar from your teeth. The thing that makes this toothpaste different is that unlike regular toothpaste that you use for dental cleaning at home, this one has a gritty consistency. To get an idea of what that is like, you can imagine a scrub that you may use to clean your face. Some people may also get recommended using this toothpaste at home for regular dental cleanings but you can only do it twice a year and quite gently to avoid damaging the tooth enamel.
  1. Professional Dental Floss

You might be used to flossing in your routine, too but your efforts cannot match the efficiency and effectiveness of professional hygienists. They get to all the spots that are hard to reach for you and clean out everything that could otherwise cause bleeds. You must be wondering why you are getting floss treatment when you already do it yourself. However, not only is it much better and effective, but it also usually comes as a package deal when you get your teeth cleaned.
  1. Thorough Rinsing

Once everything is clear and your dental cleaning is complete, your dentist will begin rinsing your teeth to remove all debris remaining in your mouth. This is typically done using liquid fluoride to maximize its impact.
  1. Fluoride Treatments

Now that your dental cleaning process is complete, it is time to give your teeth some protection. Fluoride treatments. This process involves applying a foamy gel on your teeth using a mouthpiece that covers all your teeth fully. The purpose here is to provide your teeth with a varnish that will protect your tooth surface and counter the potential buildup of plaque and tartar. Some dentists also allow you to choose the flavor you want to make the process more pleasant. Any areas that may not have been covered with fluoride with the mouthpiece are then covered individually using a small brush. Once the fluoride hardens, your teeth are fully protected and you can resume eating and drinking normally right away.

Getting Teeth Whitened After Teeth Cleaning

Dental cleanings are a complete process in itself. However, it is still not the full treatment that you can get for your teeth. To bring about a healthy smile that can also dazzle onlookers, you need to make sure your teeth are white and do not have any stains on them. Depending on where you are getting your treatment, you may also be offered teeth whitening as part of your dental cleaning process. As for the procedure, it involves rinsing your teeth in hydrogen peroxide. This process breaks all the stains on your teeth which gives way to whiter-looking teeth. It is not necessary to get this procedure done if you do not feel the need to do it. However, you can ask your dentist during your dental cleaning session if you need it or not and develop your own frequency.

What is the Typical Dental Cleaning Cost You Can Expect to Pay?

This is something that depends on several different factors, each of them creating a different price range. The factors affecting this include the experience of your dentist, the area in which your dentist is operating, and also the type of package that the dentist is offering. For people living in New York, a great place to go for your first patient visit is Studio Smiles NYC. They offer a comprehensive dental cleaning service with great support for their customers.

Typical Interval Period Between Dental Cleaning Sessions

There is no fixed timeframe that you need to observe when it comes to dental cleanings. The recommended maximum time between cleanings is one year but you can visit more often than that depending on your medical history and overall health. The purpose is to retain good oral health for as long as possible so be sure to get your dentist’s advice on the frequency of your visits and treatment options. To make sure you are not losing good oral health between visits is to take good preventive care. Brush your teeth regularly, preferably with fluoride toothpaste and floss regularly for effective deep cleaning. Also, avoid eating foods that can impact your teeth and gums negatively. After all, having a healthy diet can have so many other benefits as well.

Useful Tips for Retaining Healthy Teeth

While getting professional dental cleaning is extremely important to keep your teeth and gums healthy, there are many things that you can do at home to improve your dental health and retain a healthy smile.
  1. Always Brush Before Going to Bed

All the bacteria and plaque that you accumulate during the day in your teeth find its home at night. While this is common knowledge, people still fail to brush their teeth at night. Doing so can help in removing plaque before it forms fully and also helps prevent tooth decay.
  1. Take Care of Your Tongue Too

Just like your teeth, your tongue can also gather plaque due to the presence of bacteria and food particles. Not taking proper care of your tongue can lead to bad breath and potential oral disease buildup too.
  1. Use a Fluoride Toothpaste

You can certainly focus on toothpastes that provide great whitening or have a great scent. However, quality dental care should not be compromised for any of those things. Using good fluoride toothpaste will be the most beneficial for you and as long as that condition is met, you can look for any other feature you want in your toothpaste.

Summing Up

It is quite obvious that dental cleanings are an essential part of your overall health. By visiting a good dentist regularly for a dental exam and cleaning, along with proper brushing and flossing at home, can save you from all kinds of problems. For the people of New York, a highly recommended dental office to visit for any dental procedure is Studio Smiles NYC. This place has the best service and you can book your appointment online through their website. You can also get in touch with them directly via their phone number during their office hours.

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