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Dental Emergencies in NYC- Affordable Dental Manhattan

Dental emergencies may arise at any time and anywhere. You might suffer from a dental emergency due to sudden trauma to the face, jaw, or teeth. In such a situation, you must rush to the nearest dentist and get immediate dental care. If you are an individual with braces, you must be even more cautious because trauma to the braces can give rise to major dental emergencies that can be very dangerous. This article will help you understand what braces and emergencies related to braces are. So that if one arises, you know how to act and save yourself and your loved ones.  

What Are Dental Braces- Affordable General Dentistry

Dental braces are devices used to align and straighten teeth. They help bring misaligned teeth into position about a person’s bite. They provide dental care that improves dental health. They are used to fix gaps between the teeth and are used to correct underbites, overbites, deep bites, open bites, crossbites, crooked teeth, malocclusions, and other problems related to the teeth. There are two main types of braces; cosmetic or structural. Braces are used in connection to other dental devices to widen the jaw and aid in shaping the teeth and jaws. If you think braces aren’t your thing and are wondering, “how to fix my teeth without braces?” then don’t worry. There is a wide variety of dental procedures provided by dental clinics that can help you fix misaligned, misshaped, crooked teeth, and teeth with gaps such as Invisalign.  

Emergencies Related To Braces- Dentist Office Near Me

If you just got an orthodontic treatment, it might take a little time to get used to it. You might experience a bit of soreness when braces are first put in place, and some minor aches as your teeth start to move into new positions. Orthodontic emergencies are rare, but no occur. If you think you are experiencing a dental emergency, the first step is to determine the severity of the problem: does it require immediate attention or is it a minor problem that can wait and can be taken care of by yourself till you go to a dental clinic.

Major Emergencies- Dentist Close To Me

There is small number of true orthodontic emergencies, and these include:

  • Swelling or infection in mouth, gums or face
  • Injury or trauma to the face, teeth or mouth
  • Pain or discomfort that is severe and unmanageable in these regions

In each of these situations, seek help as soon as you can. Visit an emergency room, if that is the best option for you. Ideally, the best option is to consult your regular and nearest dentist. The dentist should be trained to handle a variety of dental concerns and can use the required diagnostic tools, treatment, and anesthetics. In the case of a fractured tooth, the dentist will solve the problem at hand then and will set up the restoration of teeth in the treatment plan. In case of swelling or severe pain, visit the nearest dental clinic near you with the best and affordable dental care as these can be signs of infection or disease.

Minor Emergency- Dentist Close To Me

Luckily, the majority of dental problems is small as compared to these cases- but still may result in discomfort and irritation. Therefore, it is best to try to lessen the discomfort by soothing the cause. Then call the nearest dentist’s office and schedule an appointment. You will be allotted sufficient time. 

Below are some more common orthodontic or dental problems, including some tactics on how you can relieve them at home:

Broken brackets, bands or wires

This concern is caused by eating hard food substances or sticky candy or by playing with braces. If the bracket is still intact with the wire, leave it there, however, do not connect any elastics with it. Cover the area with an orthodontic wax in case of irritation inside the mouth. If it comes off, save it. In both cases, call a suitable dental clinic or the nearest dentist and let them know what happened and schedule a visit. Make sure to bring the loose parts to your appointment. 

Misplaced archwire, bracket or tie

When the teeth start to move, the wire that links them (archwire) might poke near the back of your mouth and irritate the cheeks. Try moving the wire into a better position through a Q-Tip or pencil eraser. If the wire doesn’t move, try cutting the end off using a sterilized nail clipper in alcohol. However, before doing so, call a local dentist, or some dental clinic nearby, and ask for guidance. Often, tweezers can be used to move the wire, causing the issue gently.  

If wires and brackets irritate, try covering the metal parts with wax. This can lessen the discomfort. For any of these problems, call some nearest dentist or an affordable general dentistry office to consult.

Basic tooth pain or lose teeth 

Sometimes teeth can become a little loosened during dental treatment; this shows they are moving. This might accompany tenderness, especially after placement and adjustment of braces. For minor soreness, try using your regular pain reliever. Use saltwater twice a day to help the soreness. Use one teaspoon of salt in 8-ounces of warm water and rise for about 30 seconds. Using a warm washcloth on the outside of your jaw can also help. I only start the therapy with Xanax and take 0.25 mg pills three times a day. My doctor says he will gradually increase the dosage so that I could get rid of anxiety. Yet even now, I do feel that the drug works well for me (https://www.carrienet.com/xanax-online/). I noticed that I don’t worry about everything and feel more relaxed. Sometimes I feel dizzy, but the doc explained that it’s temporary.

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At Studio Smiles, our dental clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables us to provide you the best quality services. We understand the importance of healthy teeth and a beautiful bright smile which is why we are determined to correct your flawed teeth and assist you in dental emergencies that maybe lead to further health complications if left untreated. If your experiencing a dental emergency, contact us. Book an appointment now to avail of our services.


Sudden trauma or injury to the face, jaw, and teeth can give rise to a dental emergency. If that occurs, you should consult the nearest dentist as it may lead to serious health risks. If you wear braces, the situation may be further exaggerated due to misplaced, loose, broken wire, bracket, or tie. Dental braces are devices that are used to correct misaligned, crooked, and misshaped teeth. They help treat underbites, overbites, crossbites, deep bites, malocclusions, and other dental problems concerning the teeth. If a dental emergency arises, you should be well prepared. True orthodontic emergencies may arise due to swelling or infection in the mouth, gums and surrounding tissue, injury to the face, jaw and teeth and severe pain in these regions. Apart from major emergencies, you may also experience minor emergencies which may result in discomfort and irritation. The best way to lessen your discomfort is to visit your nearest dentist. Some common orthodontic or dental problems include broken, misplaced brackets, bands or wires and loosen teeth and general pain. At Studio Smiles, we understand the importance of healthy teeth and dental care which is why our dentists are determined to provide our clients with the best quality dental services. We make sure that you leave our dental clinic with healthy teeth and a satisfied heart. If you experience a dental emergency, contact our dentists, and they will guide you or book an appointment online.

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