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Dental Emergency – What if I Break a Tooth: Handling the Unexpected

Dental emergencies can happen when we least expect them, and knowing how to handle them can make all the difference. In this article, we will explore the importance of dental emergencies and common dental emergencies that can occur. Specifically, we will focus on the scenario of a knocked out tooth and discuss the steps to understand, address, and prevent such dental emergencies.

Of course, this is only possible if patients go to a professional dental office for their dental emergency where they can get an emergency appointment and emergency treatment as well. Our team at Studio Smiles NYC are more than capable of handling all types of dental emergency situations requiring an emergency dentist. So, get in touch with us for any emergency dental care that you may need.

Understanding a Broken Tooth

Knowing what a potential dental emergency could be is essential if you want to make sure that you get emergency dental care on time. So, here are a few things you can expect when you have broken or knocked out teeth.

Causes of tooth fractures

Accidents or trauma to the mouth, such as falls or sports injuries, can cause a tooth to break. Dental decay weakens the tooth structure, making it more susceptible to fractures. Biting down on hard objects, such as ice or unpopped popcorn kernels, can also lead to a broken tooth.

Types of tooth fractures

Minor fractures: These typically involve damage to the enamel, the outer layer of the tooth. They may appear as small cracks or chips on the tooth’s surface. Moderate fractures: These fractures extend deeper into the tooth, affecting the dentin and possibly the pulp. They may cause sensitivity and discomfort. Severe fractures: These fractures can reach the tooth’s root, causing severe pain, bleeding, and potential nerve exposure. They often require immediate emergency dental intervention.

Signs and symptoms

There are many different symptoms that can occur when it comes to a dental emergency like broken or cracked / chipped teeth. Visible cracks, chips, or sharp edges on the tooth are among the most common symptoms of broken or chipped teeth. Missing fillings and dentures or damaged braces are also a way to tell. Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures is also quite common, especially when performing teeth cleanings. Pain or discomfort while chewing or biting is also a commonly found symptom and could point to a real dental emergency or even infections in some cases. Swelling or inflammation around the affected area can also occur, especially in accidental situations where the dental emergency involves knocked out or loose teeth. In some cases you may also see bleeding from the teeth which also deserves an immediate dental emergency appointment at your dental office. Finding a medical professional who can address your issues effectively and provide the right dental care for your dental emergency is essential. We at Studio Smiles NYC take pride in offering the best emergency dental services to our clients. Our team can address every dental emergency adn make sure that you feel comforted at our dental office. So, be sure to reach out to us if you have jaw pain, oral bleeding, or any of the other symptoms listed above.

Immediate Steps to Take Before Going to Emergency Dentist Near Me

Here’s a complete guide on what to do when you find out you need emergency dental care and have yet to visit emergency dentists. The following steps can help you manage your cracked / chipped teeth and other similar dental emergency cases better.

Rinse and clean the area

Gently rinse your mouth with warm water to remove any debris or blood around the teeth. Be cautious not to apply excessive force, as it may further damage the tooth or cause pain.

Control bleeding, if present

Apply gentle pressure with a clean piece of gauze or a damp tea bag to the affected area to control any bleeding. Maintain the pressure for several minutes until the bleeding subsides.

Save any tooth fragments

If any pieces of the tooth have come off, try to save them. Place the fragments in a clean container with a small amount of milk or saliva to keep them moist until you can go to emergency dentists using dental insurance. Bringing the fragments to your emergency dental care may help in the assessment and potential restoration of the broken teeth.

Manage pain and discomfort

Apply a cold compress or ice pack wrapped in a thin cloth to the outside of your mouth near the broken area. Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, can be taken as directed to help alleviate pain. Avoid chewing or biting on the broken teeth to prevent further discomfort.

Seeking Immediate Dental Care with Dental Emergency Appointment

Contacting your dentist

Call your dentist’s office or hospitals as soon as possible to explain the dental problem and request a dental emergency appointment. Provide details about the broken teeth, its severity, and any accompanying symptoms. Dental professionals understand the urgency of broken teeth and will prioritize your case to provide you emergency dental care.

Emergency dental services

If the dental emergency occurs outside of regular office hours, find out if your dentist with dental insurance offers dental emergency services or has recommendations for emergency dental office in your area. Emergency dental office specialize in urgent cases and are equipped to handle any dental emergency promptly.

Importance of emergency treatment

Seeking immediate emergency dental care from a good dentist is crucial to assess the extent of the damage and prevent further complications from your dental emergency. Timely emergency procedure to treat the problem increases the chances of saving the tooth, reducing the need for more invasive procedures, and alleviating pain or discomfort like jaw pain We at Studio Smiles NYC are fully equipped to deal with any dental problem arising from emergency dental situations and our team gives such patients priority as well. Our patients get the best possible emergency treatment in dental emergencies room and emergency dental care on same day from a good dentist to make sure any issues like a knocked out tooth, infections, trauma, and other cases are dealt with properly.

Handling Specific Situations

Broken tooth with exposed nerve

If a patient has a tooth that is broken and has an exposed nerve, it can be an excruciatingly painful emergency. Avoid touching the nerve or applying any substances directly to it. Seek immediate care from a emergency dentist to effectively address the situation and alleviate pain.

Broken tooth without pain

Even if a tooth does not cause immediate pain, it is still important to have it evaluated by an emergency dentist. Sometimes, the absence of pain does not rule out underlying issues that may require attention. Professional assessment from an emergency dentist can help identify any hidden damage or potential complications.

Broken front tooth

A broken front tooth can be particularly distressing due to its visibility. Try to save any broken fragments and seek emergency dental care promptly. Restoring the aesthetics and function of the tooth is crucial for both confidence and overall oral health. A good emergency dentist should be able to provide the emergency dental care necessary to restore your oral health and look. This can be through restoring lost fillings, installing crowns, or even performing root canal therapy if needed.

Emergency Dental Care at Home

Temporary measures for pain relief

Applying a cold compress or ice pack on the outside of your mouth near the broken teeth can help reduce swelling and numb the area with tooth sensitivity and tooth pain. Remember to wrap the cold pack in a thin cloth to avoid direct contact with the skin. Avoid using heat on the affected area, as it may increase swelling and discomfort.

Over-the-counter pain relievers

Over-the-counter pain medications, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, can provide temporary relief and are often recommended in general and emergency dental care. Follow the recommended dosage instructions and consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or if the pain persists.

Avoiding certain foods and drinks

Refrain from consuming hard or sticky foods that can further damage the broken tooth or cause additional pain. Avoid extremely hot or cold foods and drinks, as they can trigger sensitivity and discomfort.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Maintaining good oral hygiene

Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and use dental floss daily to remove plaque and food particles. Make sure you have a habit of brushing and flossing daily even if you do not have any issues. Regular dental appointment and teeth cleanings can help detect and address any potential emergency dental issues before they escalate into dental emergencies.

Wearing mouthguards during physical activities

If a patient participates in sports or activities that pose a risk of dental injury, wearing a mouthguard can provide valuable protection. Custom-fitted mouthguards offer optimal comfort and safeguard your teeth from impacts or trauma.

Regular dental appointment

Routine dental visits allow your dentist to monitor your oral health and address any potential concerns early on. Your dentist can provide preventive emergency treatments, such as dental sealants or fluoride treatments, to strengthen your teeth and protect against decay.


If you want the best possible emergency treatment for lost filling, knocked out teeth, root canal, placements of crowns and fillings, or any other teeth latest procedures, you can contact us at Studio Smiles NYC at any time for appointments via our phone or website. We also take appointments all week on our 24/7 online booking service so you never have to worry about getting appointments at awkward hours. Be sure to contact us if you have any further questions as well. After all, we want to make sure that you are able to retain your beautiful smile and gums for as long as possible.

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