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Finding a Female Dentist Near Me – Dental Office in New York, NY

It can be quite an arduous task when you set out looking for anything in New York City. But the thought of a female dentist near me could puzzle a lot of people. Not only are female dentists are hard to find in the United States, but they are also even harder to find within New York City. Your nearest dental clinic might have the best of all facilities and equipment when it comes to the standards set by the American Dental Association, but it would be rare that they have a female practicing dentist to implement them. 

At Studio Smiles NYC, we make sure that everyone gets a quality and premium treatment, just as they had expected. Our female dentists are some of the best in the business, with qualifications from the top dentistry schools across the United States of America. Not only this, they are backed by years of professional experience and are fully capable of handling any kinds of dental health situations and emergencies.

The importance of Female Dentists

It is not really a problem though, neither are we undermining the importance of male dentists, but a female dentist, apart from representing a community that has been marginalized in the American workforce, also makes sure that any particular patients that find it uncomfortable around a male dentist do not do so. Of particular importance here are patients of certain communities and backgrounds who prefer only to get treated by a female dentist when their dental health calls for it.

A prime example is that of Muslim women, who form a good population portion of the United States. In fact, New York City houses the largest number of Muslims in all of USA. With this kind of population shift, it is only right to go along and serve the community around by respecting its morals. Muslim women prefer not to be treated by males who are not from their household, calling the need for a female dentist. Similarly, various other faiths and religions, as well as cultural backgrounds and people with special disabilities need to be treated by female dentists on a daily basis, citing how important it is to have a female dentist in a dental center or spa.

Services available with our Female Dentists

Like any other dental center, Studio Smiles NYC has all dental services available with our highly trained and efficient female dentists. This is topped by our emergency dentist service, having us available for a dental emergency 24/7, 365. We have separate rooms and testing facilities specifically dedicated to emergency cases that may walk in at any time. 

Similarly, basic oral health treatments are also readily available at Studio Smiles NYC, including all procedures and treatments pertaining to orthodontics. This includes detailed, deep cleaning procedures that involve scaling and polishing teeth, removing foreign substances like tartar and trapped food particles, as well as polishing the teeth to rid them of any stains and change in the shade to reveal the shiny, white layer underneath.

Female Dentist – Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is yet another field that is taking the world by storm. And it seems only fitting that with the increasing amount of women interested in going through with the procedures, there is an increased amount of women willing to perform these procedures. Female dentists are now the most sought after dental experts when it comes to women seeking cosmetic dentistry treatments because of how it is relatively easier to communicate their problems.

At Studio Smiles NYC, we have all kinds of cosmetic dentistry procedures performed by our female dentists starting from restorative processes like dental implants and veneers, to basic cosmetics like jaw and teeth realigning. With the influx of newer technologies like Invisalign, it has become even easier for our dentists to perform teeth and jaw realignment procedures in lesser time and without much trouble to the patient.

Female Dentist – Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is also a service offered at Studio Smiles NYC. Like we described scaling and polishing earlier, this process is pretty much the same. Where scaling and polishing requires mechanical grinding and altering the surface layer of the tooth in order to clean it, teeth whitening involves a chemical procedure to make sure that the surface is relieved of any problems that are visibly apparent. 

The process is performed by our female dentist and involves protecting the gum line with a special agent. After this, a chemical whitening agent is applied to the teeth, that acts so as to remove discoloration and fading that may have occurred on the surface of the tooth over time. Alternatively, teeth whitening strips are also available with dentists for the convenience of the patient to apply them by themselves at home.

Emergency Dentist Location

If you are located within New York City or close by, you need to look no further for your dental emergencies that Studio Smiles NYC. We are within driving distance of all major areas within the New York City, as well as surrounding neighborhoods.


Where can I find affordable dental care?

Affordable dental care is something very hard to find in today’s day and age. However, with Studio Smiles NYC, the residents of New York City need to look no further. Not only are we very affordable, offering dental care plans at a fraction of what other dental centers do, we also have all the facilities in house. This includes special X-Ray machines that help us to diagnose all problems right there at the very moment and no other third party partners for other facilities. We also have female dentists for patients with specific needs and who are qualified with years of professional experience.


Female dentists are a pretty important part of the dental world today. Not only are female dentists leading the way with making new discoveries and finding new solutions, but they are also the need of the hour at various critical situations where male dentists cannot enter. This includes situations like particular patients that only require to be treated by a female dentist, pertaining to religious or cultural reasons. This, however, is not the only reason why female dentist continues to play an important role, as it is 2019 and with the rising inflow of women in the American workforce, it is about time for the dental world to embrace this change too. My uncle is fighting with alcohol addiction for already a couple of months. The first days of withdrawal were the hardest. Our GP gave him a prescription for Valium – https://www.carrienet.com/cheap-valium/. The drug helped him overcome the withdrawal syndrome. I guess it only due to Valium that my uncle hasn’t got back to drunkenness. If your close people have the same problem, Valium can help.

At Studio Smiles NYC, we are the best dental service center within the New York City and surrounding areas. Not only are we providing all dental services at very affordable rates, but we also have all the necessary facilities available in-house, minimizing our reliance on third-party partners. Among other services that our female dentists most proudly perform, we have general dentistry and orthodontic treatments, as well as basic cleaning procedures that are most commonly requested. We also have complex dentist treatments that are performed to save teeth in grave danger, including root canals. We also have cosmetic dentistry treatments that are performed by our female dentists to perfection, from restorative dentistry to simple jaw and teeth alignment. Be it a prior appointment with us or a simple walk in by you, we will be sure to help you out to the best of our dental abilities because this is what we do best at Studio Smiles NYC.

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