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All of us have been through days when an emergency has had us wishing for just one walk in dentist Manhattan could produce. There might be lots of dental practitioners around within New York City, but come an emergency, there is no time for taking appointments and then waiting for the day of your turn to come. While all of you may as well try to take good care of your teeth, there might simply be issues that need the professional expertise of a best dentist NYC.

It is in moments like these that you could turn to Studio Smiles NYC, the best walk in dentist Manhattan can offer to you. Not only are we open 24 hours, 7 days a week, we also do not take any public holidays off and always have an emergency room open. This is to say, our emergency rooms are ready even when we are catering to a regular patient.

Emergency Walk In Dentist

In terms of oral health and medical advice, it is always a good idea to head over to the nearest walk-in dentist Manhattan has to offer. Not only is this a fresh change away from your routine, but it also helps you get things done without the hassle of going through a tough appointment schedule. Emergency walk-in dentists are becoming popular with every passing day within the United States of America with how easily approachable they are and the medical advice they offer in terms of oral health. 

It is recommended by the American Dental Association to visit the dentist every six months. It is important because six months is ample time for your teeth to stay free of all kinds of cavities and germs, and an emergency walk in dentist can easily spot any signs of oncoming problems given a time of six months has passed between your current and last visit. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is yet another important and popularly growing industry within the dental circles. Although dental emergencies are generally not inclined to be of cosmetic nature, it is very common to walk in patients to ask about cosmetic procedures and get general medical advice. My husband often works night shifts, and even being very tired after a sleepless night, he can’t fall asleep in the daytime. Our GP offered to try Ambien. My husband takes a 10 mg pill ambien and can have a rest after hard work at night. Luckily, there have never been any unwanted reactions to the drug. I think it will be useful for many people working night shifts. This may further be followed by an actual medical appointment decided on right there. 

However, still, there might be dental emergencies that could fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry. These very clearly include incidents like a patient’s tooth has fallen out. Such cases require immediate attention and might qualify for restorative, cosmetic techniques like a dental implantF, if they have lost their old tooth, or if it is in too bad of a condition to fit back in. At Studio Smiles NYC, we have it all under control with our specific methods, all of which are in-house.

Dental Emergencies – Emergency Extraction Near Me

Toothaches tend to be the worst and require the most emergency treatments across the entire United States of America. For this purpose, Studio Smiles NYC has a dedicated emergency room for such incidents. More often than not, patients urge their dentists to relieve them of dental pain by extracting the tooth that has been causing trouble. While such problems are mainly caused by oral infections, and could effectively be reduced by methods like root canals, dentists comply with the patients’ demands and perform tooth extractions too. 

With that in order, an emergency walk in dentist becomes all the more important. Lucky for you, in and around all of New York City, Studio Smiles NYC has satisfied and happy patients who are happy to recommend us to anyone with any kinds of dental problems.

Other Emergency Dental Care

Other than cosmetic dentistry and emergency tooth extractions, Studio Smiles NYC offers the best of emergency treatments when it comes to general dentistry too. This, in particular, includes problems like cleaning, dental polishing, as well as teeth whitening. We have the most professional and experienced dentists performing procedures like removal of tartar and giving your teeth a fresh new look by removing any stains or discolored areas off, giving them a neat, white, shiny look.

Weekend Emergency Dental Care (and Public Holidays)

Rest assured, we work on weekends and public holidays too. You need not worry about a loose tooth that your daughter only started complaining about one day before Christmas. Because for starters, getting it out will only take 10 minutes, and secondly, we will be happy to do it for you. So it will be in your best interest not to have her tie a string and then yanked it out with the help of a door because yes, it is dangerous after all. 


What are the pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry has done wonders when it comes to changing the dental features of a person. It has also helped a lot of people with disfigured or misaligned teeth to bring them back to normal shapes and alignments again. However, it is important to know that these procedures are expensive and permanent. A dental veneer, for example, cannot be taken off. Similarly, a permanent dental implant is here to stay. These are the active choices one has to make when getting a cosmetic dental procedure, and all of us at Studio Smiles NYC will be helping you with that.

Where can I find effective cosmetic dental care services?

For effective cosmetic dental services, your first step should be to get on the internet and search your web browser for something like a walk in dentist Manhattan, that is to say if you live in or around the Manhattan area. You could do the same for any other area that you live in. But we will have you know that in and around all of New York City, the best dental services are provided by Studio Smiles NYC. Not only are we completely self-reliant when it comes to outside services like X-Rays and equipment, but we also have dentists who are the best in the business.


An emergency walk in dentist is needed by a lot of people on any given day. With the lives of people getting busier every day, it becomes hard to stay up to date with countless appointments and things to keep track of. An emergency dentist, thus, suits everyone. If you are living within the New York City area, particularly Manhattan, then you should be sure to visit Studio Smiles NYC for all of your dental emergencies. Whether it is a simple toothache, or you want to discuss what kind of a cosmetic dental procedure you might want to go through, we have you completely covered.

At our facility, we have all cosmetic procedures readily available and in house. Whether it is a restorative treatment you may want with dental implants, crowns, bridges, or veneers, or simply a teeth realignment with Invisalign, we have it all and under the guidance of the best dentists from all over the USA. Similarly, while it is quite rare for a walk in patients to talk about cosmetic procedures, it is rather very common for a walk in or emergency patients to come in with toothache problems, requesting an immediate tooth extraction. While we are always fully capable of multiple tooth extractions at a moment’s notice, in a painless procedure, it is always our dentists’ first priority to save your natural tooth. With that in order, we are available for all kinds of other dental services where we have all facilities in-house, from X-Rays to insurance, to save you the hassle of moving around the town. And rest assured, we are open on weekends and public holidays too, for toothache doesn’t wait for Christmas to get over!

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