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Lexington Avenue Office

405 Lexington Avenue, Suite 6900 New York, NY 10174

Studio Smiles NYC is located on the 69th floor of New York’s iconic Chrysler Building, i.e., 405 Lexington Avenue. Our walk-in dental office is luxurious and charming, just like its location and immediate neighborhood.

Since our dental clinic is located on the 69th floor of the building, you can enjoy grand sweeping vistas of the New York skyline while your dentist works on your smile. Our dental office has been designed with a spa-like aesthetic — luxurious and relaxing, rather than clinical and cold. We also offer a wide range of amenities to provide comfort and distraction for you and your family.

Our Studio Smiles NYC Lexington Avenue office is also highly accessible for everyone in or around New York. Our clinic is just a short walk from Grand Central Terminal, and it’s within proximity to some of the city’s most prominent landmarks, like Bryant Park and the Empire State Building.

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Description of Studio Smiles NYC Lexington Avenue Office | Dental Walk-In Clinic

What’s the mental image that comes to your mind when you think of dental clinics? You probably think of white walls, a sterile and clinical setting, steel furniture, and equipment that look like torture devices.

Most children grow up terrified of dentists because dental clinics aren’t exactly welcoming. They have a sterile and clinical aesthetic that feels uncomfortable and unnatural. As children, we imbibe that impression, which makes us hesitant about visiting dentists even in adulthood, which directly impacts our adult oral health.

Studio Smiles NYC, however, isn’t a typical dental office.

Sure, Studio Smiles NYC is an upscale dental experience — and we do work on your teeth. But our dental office has been designed following spa-like aesthetic principles. When you enter our dental office, we want you to feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable. And we want your children to look forward to their regular dental visits.

So how do we achieve that?

Spa-Like Ambiance

The first thing you notice when you enter Studio Smiles NYC is that it feels like entering a spa.

We understand that a dentist’s appointment can be worrisome, which is why we want to soothe your nerves. We provide complimentary refreshments the moment you enter, helping you ease into the dental office.

If you have to wait for an appointment or results, we make that wait relaxing by providing pillows and blankets, warm scented towels, and scented candles & aromatherapy. If you don’t like being in a public area, you can also avail of our private treatment rooms.

Entertainment Facilities

If you don’t want to simply lie down or relax, we also offer a wide range of entertainment amenities to keep you and your family occupied.

Our office has high-speed WiFi, so your kids will always have something to keep them busy. We also provide high-quality headphones, with which you can enjoy music or movies without disturbing those around you.

We also have a library or study club. If you have some work to get done, you can avail of this facility to work in peace. You can also go through our selection of literature and discover something exciting!

Skyline Views

All of us dread sitting in the dentist’s chair. It often feels like you’re stuck in that chair for hours, looking vacuously up at the ceiling.

Since our Lexington Avenue office is located on the 69th floor of the Chrysler Building, we make sure all of our dentist chairs face towards the glass walls or windows. As such, instead of looking up at the ceiling, you can look at sweeping views of the New York skyline.

The sight is so enchanting that the dental treatment will be over and done with before you even know it!

State-of-the-Art Technology at Studio Smiles NYC Lexington Avenue Office | Emergency Dental Clinic Near Me

Any good dental clinic worth their salt should continuously upgrade their equipment and technologies. Modern minimally-invasive dental treatments rely on advanced technologies that often change at a rapid pace. Technologies that may have been groundbreaking a few years ago may now be considered redundant or obsolete.

At Studio Smiles NYC, we make sure that we always have the latest technologies and equipment. We do anything we can to make sure that you’re receiving the best care with the highest degree of comfort and safety possible.

We only use digital x-rays instead of traditional x-rays because they’re a lot faster and safer. Since the images generated by a digital x-ray don’t have to be processed, you can view them on the computer immediately. As such, we can fast-track the diagnosis and curate a treatment plan as soon as possible. Furthermore, digital x-rays generate up to 90% less radiation compared to traditional x-rays.

Intraoral Cameras are devices that can general high-definition pictures and videos of the deeper recesses of your oral cavity. This allows the dentist to reach difficult areas and diagnose dental issues with greater accuracy.

Isolite® Patient Comfort System is a device that makes the dental procedure a lot more comfortable for the patient and the dentist. It comes with a built-in bite block where you can rest your jaws, thereby eliminating post-treatment jaw soreness. It also negates the need for rinse breaks. And it provides extra light for the dentist and their team to work on your teeth.

The Wand® Painless Anesthesia Delivery is an equipment that provides a low-pressure and gentle shot of anesthesia. The device is so gentle that most people don’t even realize they have received an anesthesia shot until they experience the numbness.

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